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Emploi de ingénieur de Soudage

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Date of last connection: 2017-11-12

Mr. Da... I...


6200 Galati

Current situation:

Current industry: Oil and Gas

Size of the company: 51-100 employees

Current position: Ingénieur de Soudage

Number of years spent at this position: 6-10 years

Number of persons you managed: 1-5 persons

Annual salary: 0.00 EUR

Total working experience: more than 15 years

Availability: Immediate availability

Job sought:

Positions: Ingenieur de Soudage, ,

Industry: Pétrole et Gaz- Fabrication, ,

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract, fixed term contract, Fixed-term / casual work, Temporary work, Agent's contract

Desired working time: Full-time, Part-time, Study-work program, Available on Week-ends

Minimum annual salary desired: 0.00 / 0.00 EUR


Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +5

Last diploma :

Current educational level : +5

Other training courses :

Divers :

Geographical mobility: unreported

Known Tools / Software/ Methods

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences

Languages Romanian : Native
Italian : Fluent
English : Advanced
French : Intermediate


Mr. Da... I...


6200 Galati

City: Galati-Romania



September 2016 (contract)- actually

Job domai:
Engineering and shipbuilding services to onshore and offshore industry.

Project name: ■ Johan Sverdrup ( piping )-(client STATOIL Norway)

■ Oseberg A(piping)

WELDING SUPERVISOR– (deputy Welding Superintendent )

SAIPEM - Global
Petroprojects Services AG / 22 May 2014 (contract)- 15 September 2016

Job domain: Engineering Company industry: Oil and Gas

Project name : ■
MOHO NORD TLP - (client




(grillage and
see fastening of load-out operations)




-Fabrication 50mm thikness rolled with mock-up plate

Location Boscongo Yard- Republic of Congo

Project name: ■

-SHR Fabrication Water Injection Base

Location Republic of Nigeria


- Supervises and coordinates activities
of workers engaged in welding of structures,
knowledge of welding techniques,
materials, equipment, and fabrication requirements: Analyzes work orders and
determine need for supplies and sequence of operations required.

-Verifying that
works are correctly carried out in accordance with project documentation

- Trains the ability of workers to operate with welding

- Supervise cutting,
beveling ,fit-up and assembly of operation.

- Definition of welding technology and welding wire
preparation,before and after welding

- Verify the consumables quantities and
technical requirements for the executions according to scope of work

- Verify storage and preserved condition
of welding consumables, according to technical procedure agreed.

- The design and control of welding instructions

- Supervising welding activity according to planned

- Coordinate human and technical resources assigned
indicating any needs or surplus

- Inspects the quality of work with Weld Inspector and maintain specified standards and quality.

- Support and monitoring the resolution
of technical problems encountered during the execution of the welding

- Controlling and maintains the welding certificate

- Promote safe works practice and
environmental protection, ensuring that the safety standard are respected.

- Control of the welding machines and their maintenance

- Implementing measures for improving quality and

- Implementation of preventive measures to reduce the
defect occurrence

- Determination process improvement solutions

- Preparation of WDPR- Welding Daily Progress Report.


SC KRAFTANLAGEN s.r.l- Romania / 16 January 2014 –-20 May (contract/project)

Job domain: Engineering Company industry: Oil and Gas

-Maintenance services,
inspection and overhaul tasks, but also the construction of entire plant sections, with special emphasis
on the construction of complex piping systems.

Project name : Rafinery

■ Pipe line H2 -Outside Batery Limited (client

■ FCC Revamp Project (client FOSTER WHELLER)

A333Gr6;P265NL;335P5;234WP5;A106GrB etc.


- Ensuring
quality standards in terms of welding and inspection

- Welding Supervision and
checking according to the standards in force, according to the
company's qualifications.

- Maintaining
the validity of qualification of personnel such as welders or such
certification of NDT personnel in accordance with applicable technical

- Proficiency
testing and personnel training outside the company (subcontractor personnel)

- Providing
consulting services for organizational units and assembly regarding welding
technology, material and verification, planning
and monitoring PWHT

- Elaboration and verification of work instructions specifications for different special processes ( heat
treatment, non-destructive testing etc

- Provision of
technical consultancy regarding montage and fixing, mode procedure

- Continual process development,
training and implementation.

- Liaise with engineering department at design stage to ensure correct procedures / processes are

- Shop floor control of personnel, welding systems,
including procedural, consumable control, etc.

- Generating new WPS & PQR's when needed to meet
project requirements.

- Code and customer specification review to meet project
& industry standards.

- Create a best practice welding environment throughout the

- Control of external test houses, external consultants and
third party inspectors for welding activities.

- Achieve project time scales for documentation and
production requirements

- Determine optimal solutions to remedy the defects and
root cause analysis.

- Implementation of solution to improve processes


SAIPEM - Global
Petroprojects Services AG /
July.2012 – February.2013

Job domain: Engineering Company industry: Oil and Gas

Project name : ■ Hasbah and Arabiyah Offshore and Onshore

Client: ARAMCO Pipeline 10.75’’ Hasbah TP 1 Meg
Line- Saudi Arabia- Persian Gulf (offshore)


•Technical training for
welding personal;

•Monitoring of weld execution in
accordance with manufacturing chart;

•Human resources planning in terms of
skills/ qualifications on posts and shift;

•Monitoring of welding personnel
qualification planning and execution of requalification tests according to API
1104-,,Welding Pipelines and Related Activities”;

•Good working relationship and effective
communication skills , team members and project team;

•Apply and utilize manufacturing best
practice for efficiency, quality, safety and capability;

•Determination the necessary of spare
parts for welding equipment;

•Checking a necessary of addition

•Monitoring of welding plants according to
the production requirements

Saipem Welding Sistem evolution and Passo-
orbital System for weld pipe)

•Planning and execution of repair
interventions of the welding plants:

•Coordination of technical personnel to
repair interventions;

•Failure analysis of welding joints
together with Quality Staff and establish measures to reduce them;

•Establish the method of welding repair

•Implementation of measures to reduce the
defect occurrence:

•Preparation of WDPR- Welding Daily
Progress Report;


s.r.l* -
Perugia, Italy /
October.2008 – June 2012

Job domain: Engineering Company industry: Energy; Railway; Defenses: Oil
and Gas etc.

Clients: Nuovo pignone (GENERAL ELECTRIC), SAIPEM S.p.a,ALSTOM-France,


Company description:

- Company is the central part of a group
of companies operating in the field of industrial fabrication metal and
mechanics; designs, produces, installs and maintains parts

- Components, fabricated systems,
functional systems, products in the sectors of energy, transport, air craft,
defenses; gives great importance to all the aspects of the welding processes
and the high quality of the noble material (Aluminum, Stainless Steel) used in
its products. The company is also certified CL1 in agreement with EN ISO
15085-2 standard requirements .



1. pointing the
technical requirements specified in the phase of claim offer;

2. determining the specific requirements
of execution and control of machining and welding processes (jointing / cutting);

3. determining the specification of
welding procedures and welding validity fields (MB,MA; welding position; type
of processing, welding joints, number of passes, type of gas, preheat
temperatures and interpass; type of gas at the root conditions, etc) existing

4. determination procedure and welder
qualification plan optimization based coatings validity heads;

5.elaborate production WPS according EN
and ASME ;

6. determination of the conditions of
attachment to the assembly and the possibilities of developing strains;

7) the choice of materials depending on the class
(CR15608), and Pno group. (ASME IX) to optimize the qualification

8. determining the type of destructive
inspection (the percentage of application) and non-destructive depending on
customer specifications and according to internal situations;

9. determine optimal solutions to remedy
the defects;

10. Pre- Production Test, when is a client
requirement or when a particular rule requires (
EN 15085) etc.

11. performing
qualification tests

12.Monitorig and evaluate the
performance of welders

13. Drafting Plans Inspection ITP
-Inspection Test Plan

14. Qualification of welders in
accordance with ASME and AWS D1.1,D1.3, D1.6 and

Nordsok standard

Note: Important Tasks

A) Consulting / Collaboration

- I worked closely with the Airone company (which is in the
same group of Allimep companies ). Airone - Center of Excellence of the Italian
Institute of Welding.

B) Oil and Gas

Objective: petrochemical platform Scarabeo 8 - with upper section of the
structure (STB, AFT, SB, etc.) - about 2800 tons Duplex stainless steel

1) drafting plans, procedure qualification, welder certification, according to
the rules DNV standards.

2) development of Welding Book

3) monitoring and control of the phases of welding.

5) drafting of repair and installation procedures.

C) Railway Field

Objective: train heads (head carriage structure) AGV-N2 project

1) drafting / implementing plans and procedures for qualified welders in
accordance with European standards EN15614-2 and UNI 9606-2 (aluminum) - the
register (IIS) certification .

2) development of Welding Book + Codsud (Code soudagge)

3) develop MPP (Manufacturing Process Plan)

4) inspection reports and issue control structures (heads and carriage
parts carriage structure, welded).

5) relationship with the customer and quality welding problems.

6) editing repair procedures,

7) drafting manufacturing processes.

D) Energy Field

Objectives: Elements of piping and turbine structure

Ventilation - pipelines, exhaust, intake.

Systems enclosure (origin turbine) Gear dump protection systems, etc..

1) drafting / implementing qualification plans, procedures and welders
certified in accordance with AWS D1.1 / D1.3 / D1.6, ASME IX.

2) development of Welding Book

3) monitoring and control of the phases of welding.

4) procedure of repair and installation procedures.


1. determination processes / activities specific company;

2. review / preparation procedures and work instructions;

3. recertification in accordance with EN ISO 3834 (process

4. recertification system according to UNI EN ISO 9001
(system) version 2008;

5. recertification system in accordance with EN ISO15085-2
(manufacturers component regulatory /railway structure);

6.develop Quality Plan for all projects

7. FMEA analysis to pointing processes with high-risk
phases in the development of nonconformities and implement preventive actions;

8. determining performance criteria and performance

9. conducting periodic statistical tests
to evaluate and measurements the systems processes and coordinate the decisions

10. progress analysis of system
processes performance

11. progress analysis
concerning the progress of Quality Objectives for all departaments

12. decisions on specific corrective actions, preventive
and improvement;

13. conducting internal audits and monitoring system, etc.

14.analisys Quality Management


1. I soon managed to improve process
performance indicators through a series of measures developed and
accountability factors involved;

2. I came up with solutions for improving and controlling
the welding process;

3. I have established and training conducted (with specific
welding) of the executive staff;

4. I managed to gain confidence that we have a solutions

A very important project that I was involved is it a work-shop welding manufacturing for
structure of extraction platform-SCARABEO 8. I maked all plans of welders and
procedure qualification in duplex stainless steel.(according DNV C401-Fabrication and Testing of offshore


Bucharest – Romania /
August.2005 – September.2008

Job domain: Engineering - Welding

Responsibilities: 1.
establish a weekly work schedule;

analysis clients and potential clients to contact;

promotion and direct offer products/services;

4. determine
client requirements and the potential customer;

consolidation and analysis of data referring to the requirement;

preliminary studies of market;

continuous reporting data to external partners for decision;

manage resources and time in company-specific activities

9. cost


1. I led the
development of business opportunities

2. I brought the company revenues resulting from the preliminary study on the
part of the welding and cooling devices and the sale of welding equipment.

3. technical consultancy in welding issue.

Note:Allimep SRL-Italy and Conswelding
Rom s.r.l (actually Allimep Est – Romania) are part of the same group of


TRANS PEC s.a - Galati – Romania / January 2003 – July 2005

Job domain: Engineering -Energy

-Trade metallurgical products. Electricity
supplier. Repairs and execution of low/medium voltage installations


determining the activities of the organization
and implementation of specific procedures

planning and conducting internal audits of

planning, control and activity monitoring of
specific quality

analyzing specific processes from the point of
view of quality results

implementing specific actions that can help to
improve outcomes of management measures adopted (corrective, preventive and

monitoring plans for follow-up inspection

planning and performing inspection to the
execution objectives

preparation of quality control plans

Objectives :

implementation of quality requirements in
accordance with ISO 9001/2000 standard reference

certification system with two certification bodies (BVQI; SRAC)

achieve the quality of the proposed quality


ICMRS s.a. Galati –
Romania / September 1997 - May2002

Job domain: Engineering
– Repairs Steel Industry Plants, Civil Construction

-Steel construction and assembly systems, civil engineering,
hydraulic and construction of hydroelectric plants. Provider to the steel
industry service- installation and repair (Arcelor Mittal- Galati)


determining stages of control and inspection for
the realization of the project

and critical
phases of quality control

determination of target execution phases
according of Inspection Plan

preparing and monitoring the control plans and
inspection according to the construction plan assembly

monitoring and control of ongoing projects

verification of documentation of quality in accordance with the requirements of the
design specifications and applicable technical standards

validation of process execution in terms of

quality control of building materials: laminate,
profiles, materials and structural elements , insulation and protection, etc

quality inspection - objectives achieved: Metal
Armor furnace, metal armatures Cowper structure , cooling systems, roasting,
filtration systems and dusting, cleaning and filtration system of exhaust
gases, plants continuous alloy 'steel, steel armor converters OLD, transport
systems of gas processes, etc

Objectives :

Execution monitoring objectives on the inspection and control
until final tests and commissioning


University “ Dunarea de Jos ”- Galati

October.2007 - June.2009

Diploma (type of studies): Master Degree- Engineering

Specialization: Technological
Strategies for Industrial Processes

October.1991 - July.1996

Diploma (type of studies): Bachelor Degree- Engineering

Specialization: Welding Equipment
and Technology


-ISIM Timisoara October.2009 -

Diploma : IWE- International Welding

(Education and
training requirements of IIW Guideline "IWE)

- Course Audit and Quality Management
SR EN ISO 9001, Ceprohart SA- Braila - 2002;

- The Inspector Course
NDT level 2-VT Visual
Test and PT Penetrant Test according to EN473 – 2010

diplomas issued by
Italian Institute of Welding; ( must to
be renewed )

- Seaman book

Foreighn languages: Italian- advanced;
English – medium; France- base level

Qualities: Analysis capacity, Problem
solving, Planning and organizing,

High level of mobility, HSE oriented

Cover letter

Mr. Da... I...


6200 Galati

Emploi de ingénieur de Soudage

Je suis à la recherche pour un emploi comme d'ingénieur de soudage ou Coordonnateur de Soudage
Ma spécialisation est l'ingénieur International du Soudage
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée.

Mr. Da... I

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